What is more expensive?

Dear readers, It certainly has been a while since I’ve posted. Apologies. College is starting to pick up pace! Anyway, here is a scene in the book where The Sacri (the rebel group) test Brell with a question. Many may disagree with the answer, and that’s perfectly normal. Let’s have a discussion in the comments […]

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You dive, I dive.

Hello dear readers! The monsoon showers are battering Mumbai and I feel like diving into the water. Well, on that note, here’s a lovely moment between Lukas and Brell. The events that led to this moment were playful ones and although it had not been too long since they had met, there was a sincerity […]

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That one moment

Hello dear readers! This moment is shared by Brell and Lukas, a charmingly handsome merman who you will know more about very soon. What I love the most about this one moment is the simplicity of his timeless advice that we all seem to forget. Focus on things that make you happy: it solves so […]

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Things get serious…

Hello dear readers! With the eBook releasing just this weekend, things are getting serious! On that note, let me introduce you to a part of the novel where Brell (for those of you who are new, she’s the protagonist of this story) finds herself in a situation that demands the most out of her. Keep […]

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The Quote Countdown

Hey guys! So, we’re gearing up for the publication of the book this week, for when it goes from being a pile of papers in my shelf, to a dusty notebook, to an obscenely huge word document, to an eBook. Yup, it’s happening and it’s a lot of commas. To start this exciting new journey, […]

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Dive right in!

Hello dear readers! Dive into the underwater world of Brellitine Grever, a world where the only thing that matters is what you believe in… Brellitine Grever and the Sea of Gelled revolves around a seventeen year old orphan Brell and her fierce quest to save her brother, Timothy, from the clutches of the evil ruler […]

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